Quake3 OSP still alive --- 22.05.2019 by motter
Yes - Quake3 OSP is still alive. Be it through our bi-weekly TDM/CTF pickup games organized via Discord or even LAN parties having Quake3 OSP Tournaments. So if you ever wanted to play good old TDM with proper weapon balance (not like Quake Live with 75% RG and 45% Shaft - and map tactics are nuts), join us on Discord. Next LAN where you can contest us in Quake3 OSP duel is Nov-1 - Nov-3 in Karlsruhe - https://www.netquarter.org/. So long ... either see you there or in Discord. Happy fragging.

Meine Fresse sind wir alt geworden --- 14.11.2018 by motter
Ja, es sind mehr als 10 Jahre seit der letzten News vergangen. Wir sind alle älter, hübscher und weiser geworden und Quake3 läuft auf einem 3 Jahre alten Laptop mit Intel Onboard inzwischen mit locker 500fps. Und genau deswegen sollten wir Frau/Mann und Kind erklären, dass es vollkommen OK ist, ab und zu mal wieder einen Quake 3 Abend einzuschieben.
Ihr findet uns nicht mehr im IRC sondern im discord. Der Link zu unserem Server ist https://discord.gg/kDfC7rB und mehr details zu Discord findet ihr unter contact. Dort organisieren wir spontan TDM/CTF pickup games, wie "damals" im #spontanctf.

Also, wäre ziemlich geil euch dort demnächst zu sehen.

Let us break the silence... --- 09.09.2008 by motter
Hey folks, it has been a long time since the last news. Here are some couple of news.

We did win the kuh3liga div2 without any map loss, we finished 4th in div4 Jolt because we were not allowed to move our matched due to the European Soccer Championship.
After that we played some clanbase 4v4 summercup.But now we are back, we are going to play the next clanbase CTF open cup, together with our three new off players TronicGgG, eXodus and style which I would really love to give a warm welcome.

Let's rock! - motter

Jolt started straight away --- 19.05.2008 by motter
Finally, Jolt quake3 CTF league started. Having a look at the predictions after the first map, they seemed to be right. We lost straight two maps playing PROST. Nevertheless, we draw playing !nf which most likely will give the other clans in our division an understanding that they will have to fight hard to get some points from us.
Our prediction is, that we are going to win the next three Jolt games finishing 3rd place after PROST and !nf. But let's see!
Besides Jolt Quake3 CTF league, kuh3liga season started where we have to face !nf again :-). We are planing to win this game though, so be prepared. The kuh3liga group we are in also features PROST. And as you know us, PROST will not have it as easy as last time. So put your kuh3liga bets on us and win with a high rate.

So long

The future of et:qw and dwc --- 23.04.2008 by motter
Hi to all out there,
we played a hell of et:qw games and it was great fun to play all the nice and friendly et:qw teams from all over europe. After all these games, we feel sad to tell you that we decided to drop et:qw from now on, although we will finish the currently running clanbase cup. Therefore I would like to take the chance to annonce that doomwarriors is back in action with its Quake3 squad featuring motter, dyg, n4cer and pons from the former lineup (having dyg und pons returning from inactivity) and maybe eXcess and bioatom from the et:qw lineup (if they conclude that quake3 is cool). We currently have no plans to join a league (if there is any), but we are available for OSP CTF, FT or CA trains.So long, I hope we see us soon on the dwc OSP Quake3 servers, sponsored by www.e1m1.de

Sucht ihr ein Zuhause??? --- 18.01.2008 by motter
Da wir auf Grund von Unistress und Arbeitsterror leider momentan extreme Probleme durch Membermangel zu verzeichnen haben, suchen wir wieder 1-2 neue Leute. Einige Informationen über uns:

dwc besteht bereits seit dem Jahr 2000. Unser etqw Squad besteht aus zwei pflegeleichten Nesthäkchen (u18) und ansonsten aus alten Hasen die vor ewigen Zeiten mit q2/q3/rtcw das Onlinespielen angefangen haben.
Gameserver/TS/etc ist alles vorhanden. Ein monatlicher Beitrag zum Gameserver ist gerne gesehen aber nicht unbedingt Pflicht.
Und zu euch:Am liebsten wären uns Leute die irgendwann mal gut in einem x-beliebigen Shooter waren und nun im Halbruhestand einfach Lust haben ohne allzuviel Stress 2-4mal pro Woche durch die diversen Ligen zu rocken.
Worauf wir keine Lust haben sind zum einen möchtegern-Progamer, zum anderen Publicrocker, die weder was treffen, noch ne Ahnung vom Clangeschehen haben.
Wenn ihr euch angesprochen fühlt, meldet euch:#dwc @qnet (awvp oder dwc|motter_away)

Stuff... --- 29.09.2007 by motter
Hello all,
Welcome to the Doomwarriors page with a new layout since 2002! The new design works perfect with Firefox and Mozilla based browsers. We will try to fix the render problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer soon. Anyway, we felt it was time to relaunch a new design.
Now back to business. As Enemy Territory is available now, we would like to announce the Doomwarriors participation in the Clanbase Open Cup Fall 2007. We are looking forward to the excellent Clanbase organization and feel pretty confident that everything works as expected. We are not sure yet if we play the ESL or QWL league. This depends if they can provide some decent ladders or cups. Time will show.

doomwarriors.de - design: motter - code: n4cer
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